• 2nd Dec 2015

    A Jet-Set Holiday

    Its here! The month we have finally been waiting for (besides our beloved June, July and August) has arrived! As the December holiday season gets underway we are overjoyed with all the holiday cheer!…

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  • 14th Oct 2015

    Nailed It!

    Sometimes transitioning your nail color for something more suitable for fall can be hard to remember... that is until you're looking down typing at your desk and realize maybe it's time to change from…

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  • 7th Oct 2015

    Year Round SPF Protection

    The weather may be changing but our skincare products doesn't have to! Here are some ways to use Hampton Sun products even when you aren't lounging on a beach!Usually when it starts to get chilly…

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  • 30th Sep 2015

    Where We Wish We Were!

    If you're stuck in the office watching the drizzling rain like we are here in NYC or maybe just stuck in the office daydreaming of somewhere more relaxing, we've compiled a list of beach destinations…

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  • 29th Sep 2015

    Happy Hour: Autumn Edition

    While we may not want to give up sipping on refreshing mojitos or frozen margaritas just yet, with the weather changing maybe it's time to transition from sweet Summer cocktails to our cozy Autumn dri…

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  • 22nd Sep 2015

    Keeping That Golden Glow

    Keep your summer tan going strong as we head into fall with Hampton Sun's Sunless Tanning Mist or Sunless Tanning Gel! We know we are all dreading watching that perfectly perfected tan start to fade b…

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  • 16th Sep 2015

    Beat The NYC Humidity

    Even though our carefree summer is about to come to an end, that sticky New York humidity may linger just a bit longer, which means our summer outfits don’t have to completely transition into fall q…

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  • 7th Aug 2015


    As the weekend quickly approaches, our minds wander from our desks and we dream of tropical locales. For those of you who are lucky enough to get away, we're sharing our travel essentials with you.&nb…

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  • 4th Aug 2015

    Happy Hour

    Nothing is better than a cool drink on a hot day, so we found some great cocktail recipes that are delicious, easy to make, and definitely Pinterest-worthy.Cool off with a delectable blackberry m…

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  • 17th Jul 2015

    The Perfect Hamptons Weekend

    The Perfect Hamptons WeekendWe are all about spending as many summer weekends in the Hamptons as possible so we have created a couple weekend itineraries for different kind of Hampton explorers.The…

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