​A Day Out On The Water

Published by Christopher Araujo on 31st Jul 2020

It is eight in the morning. A soft light taps at my window and I can hear the gentle breeze knocking at my front door. The air is filled with the soft scent of ocean salt which hugs my lungs and surround my body with the feeling of summer. I quickly eat my breakfast, pack my gear bags, hop in my car, and start driving to the ocean’s edge: it is time to get back out on the water.

The summer sun beats down on me as I begin to rig my boat. I apply a generous layer of Hampton Sun sunscreen to my body and allow for the silky lotion to absorb into my body. The cool lotion wakes me up and gets me ready to traverse all of the ocean’s obstacles. I hoist my sails, push off from the dock, and begin my battle with the ocean: a sole sailor against the endless horizon.

The waves crash upon my bow and the ocean sprays me mercilessly . I am drenched head to; yet, I am addicted to the feeling. I feel the growing pressure in my sails as the wind starts to pick up and I adjust my rigging. The suns rays keep on beating down on me and I am grateful that my sunscreen can handle the challenge so that I do not have to worry about burning.