​Anti-Aging Benefits of Sunscreen

Published by Samantha on 31st Jul 2020

There is no question that lounging on the beach and getting that sun-kissed glow makes you look and feel great. But prolonged sun exposure can do damage to our skin in the long run if we’re not careful. There are two types of UV rays – UVA and UVB. UVA rays are longer wavelength and penetrate the skin at a deeper level, causing wrinkles and photoaging. Photoaging, or the premature aging of the skin, occurs when repeated sun exposure breaks down the enzymes that rebuild collagen. Certain things put you more at risk of the aging effects of sun exposure.

1.Living at a high altitude or close to the equator

Where you call home matters! At high altitudes, UV rays are stronger because the atmosphere is thinner. Since the earth is tilted, countries near the equator also have stronger UV rays because they have a shorter distance to travel. That is why lathering up before ski outings is so vital! 

2.Not using sunscreen every day

It’s easy to forget to apply sunscreen when there’s a blizzard raging outside your window, but its important to cover exposed skin with SPF all year round. An Australian study found that participants who applied SPF every day suffered less skin damage than those who didn’t.


Older skin is more vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV rays. Sun exposure as we age can make our skin look older than it actually is.

It’s never too early to start applying sunscreen to combat the aging effects of sun exposure. Our age-defying SPF50 Mineral Sunscreen Crème contains anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants that offer protection from both sunburn and harmful UV rays. Applying daily can prevent skin damage and keep your complexion youthful and fresh all year round!