Back to School Suncare

Published by Tara on 31st Jul 2020

The long and lazy days of summer are drawing to an end and as pool floats and sandcastles are being swapped for pencils and notebooks, it’s important to remember that sunscreen should be at the top of your back to school shopping list.

It can be easy to forget how important sunscreen is once the summer months fade. Sunscreen never stops being essential. Playing outside during gym class and recess, waiting for the bus after school—the school day is full of opportunities for your little one to be exposed to UVA/UVB rays. Without proper protection, only a few minutes of sun exposure can do real damage to skin. Using a broad spectrum sunscreen daily is the best habit to instill in your children to keep their skin protected from damaging rays.

An important sun fact to remember is that UV rays can easily reflect off glass, water, and snow. There are countless routes UV rays can take through windows and clouds to reach your skin—even in the bitter cold winter months. Send your little ones back to school this year with the protection they need everyday. After all, summer may fade but the sun doesn’t stop shining! 

Making suncare easy and enjoyable is the best way to keep up the healthy habit. Keeping a broad spectrum sunscreen on hand in your child's backpack and encouraging daily application is highly recommended. After all, we all need a little sunshine to get us through the week - be smart and soak it up safely!