​Beach Games for the Whole Family

Published by Samantha on 31st Jul 2020

Summer is fast approaching,and that means soon more days spent lounging on the beach. While we all love a few hours of relaxing with a good read, listening to the lapping waves, sometimes we need to get move around and get that energy flowing. These beach games are fun for the whole family!

1.Beach volleyball

This classic beach game is a great way burn some extra calories while on vacation. The goal is to slam the ball over the net and into the other player’s court. Many public beaches provide volleyball nets but if yours doesn’t, make a makeshift court by drawing a line in the sand. You can either pair up and play doubles, or just play one on one.

2.Paddle ball

This is a cross between Ping-Pong and tennis. The racket and ball are as small as a Ping-Pong racket and ball, but there is no table. If you aren’t someone who can lie in the sun for hours, this is the perfect way to pass the time. Simply bounce the ball back and forth between two or more players using the racket. Try to keep the ball from touching the ground.

3.Bocce Ball

The Ancient Romans were the first ones to popularize this game, so you know it must be good. Although it’s not traditionally played on the beach, it can be adapted for some family fun. Simply buy a bocce set and see who can throw the ball the farthest.

4.Sandcastle making

For kids who are a little younger, buy some pails and shovels and build your own little palace. Adding water to the mixture makes the sand easier to mold into interesting shapes and digging a moat that leads to the waves is an easy way stop intruders from entering your fortress. If you dig deep enough, you might even be able to find an underground store of water in the sand.

5.Paddle Boarding

Although its not so much a game, you can learn your balancing skills and explore the water with this beach sport. If your kids can’t quite get the hang of it, have them sit on the front of your board. Depending on where you are, you might even be able to spot a few dolphins!

6.Seashell collecting

Take a stroll along the beach and collect any beautiful sea treasures you might find. Put them in a pail and take them home as a souvenir to commemorate your vacation. You can create everything from picture frames to candle holders.

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