Choosing your SPF - Chemical and Mineral

Published by Brenda on 31st Jul 2020

Shopping for sunscreen can be confusing—but it doesn’t have to be! There are endless products on shelves which claim to offer a multiplicity of benefits, making it more important now than ever to be a conscious consumer. This week, we are highlighting the features of two main sunscreen formulas--mineral and chemical—in order to help you make the best informed decision when shopping for sun care products.


Chemical, or synthetic, sunscreens permeate the skin and work by absorbing rays in a chemical reaction that dispels the heat back off the skin. For the more active sunbather, chemical sunscreens are less likely to rub off or lose effectiveness with increased perspiration. These formulas also tend to be thinner and glide across the skin easier for an all-around application. Our SPF 35 Continuous mist is a dermatologist endorsed chemical sunscreen which offers the highest quality protection with advanced water resistance.

Those shopping for a chemical sunscreen are frequently concerned with how safe such formulas are for sensitive skin. The great news is that chemical sunscreens are safe for anyone older than 6 months. Additionally, Hampton Sun only uses FDA approved, gentle blends of chemical actives which are ideal for sensitive skin. For consumers who are also concerned with environmental safety, Hampton Sun sprays utilize Bag on Value technology which ensures that what you are spraying onto your skin is pure product, and our non-aerosol dispenser sprays from any angle for even coverage without damaging the environment.


Mineral Sunscreens use active mineral ingredients, such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Essentially, these ingredients create a physical barrier of sun protection and they work by reflecting the sun’s rays like a mirror to protect exposed skin. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) explains that mineral sunscreens provide stable, broad spectrum protection with fewer safety concerns. This is primarily because the actives are not absorbed by the skin, leaving much less chance of irritation for very sensitive skin.

It is useful to know that this formula type is typically thicker than its counterparts, making it easy to see where sunscreen is applied. Thus, this type of product works great for little ones since we are especially cautious about their safety and protection. Our SPF 45 Mineral for baby is hypo allergenic and uses SPF barriers zinc and titanium to provide a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB protection. For adults, we recommend our SPF 45 Mineral Crème, which also offers broad spectrum protection while being chemical free. The zinc-based formula is coral reef safe, biodegradable, and cruelty free.

Well, then, which formula is better?

As you now know, there are incentives to buying both types of products. Mineral actives work immediately for instant sun protection, while chemical can be layered on for added water resistant protection, or to ensure that no spot goes uncovered. Use one, or both! Whatever your skincare concern, Hampton Sun works to give you what you need for the most luxurious sunbathing experience.