Dermatologist Endorsed

Published by Amanda on 31st Jul 2020

We all love to spend time in the sun but, do we really know the harmful long-term effects without proper protection? The sun’s rays are powerful enough to compromise many sunscreens’ active ingredients, causing them to quickly lose efficacy. Dr. Lance Brown, a dermatologic surgeon, recommends our products because they all include several technical advancements which help enhance SPF strength and improve water resistance, while meeting the current FDA sunscreen requirement.

Along with our amazing formula, these recommended products feel supple and smooth on the skin with an easy application that encourages regular use. First, our SPF 30 Continuous Mist 5.0 oz.and SPF 50 Continuous Mist 5.0 oz.includes all of those benefits while offering powerful, eco-friendly protection. The non-aerosol 360º dispenser sprays at any angle for complete, even sun coverage without damaging the environment. 

Next, the SPF 70 for Kids is amazing for the little ones who just want to keep splashing around and also perfect for swimmers or any adult looking for a high level of water-resistant SPF protection. This product can even be applied to wet skin so there is no need to towel off or wait for skin to dry off from the ocean or pool before application to feel confident that skin is protected.

We understand the importance of having longer-lasting SPF protection, which is why Hampton Sun has created this product to last up to 80 minutes between reapplications, the longest time advised by the FDA.

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