Forever Young

Forever Young

Published by Alex Koo on 31st Jul 2020

Everybody wants to look younger. Whether you are battling with discoloration, fine lines, or wrinkles, the signs of aging start to appear fast. Although there is no cure to prevent your skin from displaying the tell-tale signs of aging, there are certain steps you can take to minimize these blemishes and maintain a youthful; and that first step is wearing sunscreen. Everyday, you skin is bombarded with harsh UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Although you do not feel the damage happening, over time, the sun can greatly speed up the signs of aging and exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles. 

One of the best ways to counteract this from happening is to wear a moisturizer with SPF in it. We recommend the Hampton Sun SPF 15 Super Hydrating Face Cream because it makes the skin feel nourished and you can walk out into the sun confident knowing that your skin can handle anything the sun throws at you. And if you feel like you need more protection from the sun, pick up the Hampton Sun Age-Defying SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen and layer that on top of your moisturizer. This mineral enriched product greatly reduces the sight of fine lines and wrinkles over time and creates a strong sun barrier on top of your skin. These two products are some of our favorites and perfect for keeping the skin healthy and young!

Lastly, of course you can't forget to hydrate! To quickly cool down after a long day in the sun, apply a generous dose of our Hydrating Aloe continuous mist which has cooling menthol. Aloe Vera is an amazing natural moisturizer that also contains a lot of restorative properties. This spray is a great way to moisturize your skin without the use of harsh, manufactured chemicals.