Halloween Tips and Tricks!

Published by Kathryn on 27th Oct 2015

When it comes to skincare we've got your back! Whether it's sunscreen, moisturizers, sunless tanning or just tips and tricks, we definitely want to make sure our friends are well taken care of! With Halloween just days away we know you've got some pretty elaborate costumes prepared (we sure know we do!) so here is a list of face and body paints that won't damage your skin while still helping you win that costume contest!

Snazaroo, which is a Glycerin based paint is super smooth and applies evenly to the skin. Doesn't hurt that it's available in tons of colors at Blick Art Material stores, which has tons of locations in Manhattan!

Diamond FXis a company based out of the Netherlands that offers wax based face and body paints. The best part about this company is their products are long lasting but not harsh on the skin! 

And I mean, how could we offer advice without telling you how well our Hampton Sun Airbrush Bronzing Mist is for a super quick, healthy glow?? Perfect for so many costume options and easily washes off at the end of your night!

We can't wait to see your Halloween outfits! Hashtag #hamptonshalloween so we can share in your fun!