Morning routine made easy

Morning routine made easy

31st Jul 2020

Raise your hand if waking up in the mornings are the worst! Normally we would agree with you, but waking up with Hampton Sun by your side makes it so much better. Rolling out of bed can be so much easier when you pick up our Privet Bloom shower gel before you hop in the shower. While the water is raining down on you, our signature Privet Bloom scent is wafting through the air. Once you are nice and fresh, you can lather on some of our Privet Bloom body lotion to start off your perfect day.

Moisturizing is so important when keeping your skin happy and healthy. Having dry skin can ruin any ones day. So, spray a little of our bronze shimmer spray for a subtle glowing look all while maintaining your skin’s hydration! Pack our travel sized aloe mist in your bag for throughout the day when you feel a little tired and need a quick and mess free wake up call.

Lastly, of course you can’t forget to pack our SPF 30 lip balm because who goes anywhere without lip balm- especially one that protects against the sun!

It is important to maintain healthy routines so that taking care of your skin does not feel like a chore. We try to keep it quick and simple with glow results.