Sun & Sand Spritzers: Our Favorite Summer-Inspired Cocktails

Published by Brenda on 31st Jul 2020

Whether you’re on or off the sand, a beach inspired cocktail is always well appreciated. This week, Hampton Sun has decided to share our favorite tropical inspired drinks. If you didn’t have a chance to plan a summer getaway, or if you couldn’t get enough of your last one, these cocktails should give you a small taste of paradise.


It’s the drink everyone’s been obsessing over this summer. Strawberry Frosé is refreshing, tasty, and simple to prepare, making it an ideal beach cocktail. All you will need is a bottle of chilled rosé, vodka, fresh lemon juice, chopped strawberries and of course, some ice! Even if you make this drink at home for friends, one sip will make you feel like you’ve been transported to your favorite tropical island. The popular cocktail’s recipe can be found on

Pineapple Cup Piña Colada

A creative twist on a classic beach cocktail! While this recipe may take a longer than usual to prep for, the aesthetic is undeniably worth the effort. The only additional step needed is to simply cut off the pineapple top and remove ¾ of the inside, which you will conveniently use in the process of making your Instagram-worthy cocktail. The recipe for this trendy drink can be found on

Long Island Iced Tea

Named after the continental USA's largest island, as well a place that inspires much or our brand, the Long Island Iced Tea is one of the most popular bar cocktails in the states (for good reason!). Although it doesn't contain tea, it does have a similar enjoyable taste. This cocktail is ideal for anyone who would like to challenge themselves and get creative with a drink that involves more ingredients than usual. The recipe for this mix is available on


Perhaps the most wonderful part about a mimosa is how quick and easy it is to prepare. This drink signals sophistication and its bright color is a gentle reminder of summer, the beach, and good company. Mimosas traditionally consist of equal parts champagne and orange juice. For a non-alcoholic take on this cocktail, mixthatdrink suggests mixing 2 parts orange juice and 3 parts dry sparkling white grape juice, dubbing it the “mockmosa.”