Sun Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe

Sun Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe

31st Jul 2020

We all know how damaging the sun's rays can be for our skin, but we often forget our furry friends are at risk, too. There is nothing like lounging in the yard or at the beach with your pup, Hampton Sun has some tips for making sure you're both sun safe this year!

1. Protect Your Pup From Too Much Sun

Many dogs, like us, love nothing more than to lay baking in the summer rays. Protective clothing, pet sunscreens, and umbrellas are all great options for your pets who can't get enough of the sun. Most important is to limit their time outside during the middle of the day, when the sun's rays are their most powerful. 

2. Wait on the Haircut

If your pooch is long-haired, you may want to hold off on the shave down for summer. While you might think it will help keep pups cool, a buzz cut can expose too much of your dog's skin to sun damage. 

3. Water, water, water!

We can't stress this one enough! Making sure your pet is hydrated is so important during these hot days. It may mean a few more walks than usual, but isn't being certain Rover is happy and healthy worth it?

4. Avoid Zinc Oxide

There are plenty of pet-safe sunscreens on the market but the most important ingredient to look out for is zinc oxide. Zinc provides wonderful, natural protection for humans but can be extremely toxic to dogs. 

And remember, your dog isn't safe if you aren't. Always make sure to use broad spectrum protection any time you're outside!