Suncare Mistakes to Avoid

Suncare Mistakes to Avoid

Published by Tara on 22nd Feb 2016

The ice is thawing, spring is mercifully on its way and it’s finally time to think sunshine! As you’re booking your spring getaways or getting ready to soak up the rays in your own backyard, watch out for these common suncare mistakes—burns are avoidable and Hampton Sun has your back!

Spots You Forget

As you apply sunscreen, always remember to pay attention to where you apply. Most commonly, people forget their ears and feet as they prepare for a day in the sun. Places like the back of your neck can be easy to miss as you’re applying, but these regularly ignored spots are often getting more direct sunlight than anywhere else. Hampton Sun's gels offer a beautiful glide making application smooth and easy so you can make sure you get all those tricky spots.

Windows Aren’t UV Shields

On a long car ride or during day at your desk, you might enjoy the warm shine of the sun through your window, and your skin probably won’t burn—but it could still be getting damaged. Windows typically block UBV rays, but UVA rays can break through and cause long term damage which you may not even feel. Using a daily SPF moisturizer, like our SPF 15 Super Hydrating Face Cream, is a great way to stay prepared. 

Always Reapply After Swimming

Water resistant formulas have come a long way when it comes to suncare. Hampton Sun’s Luxe Sport SPF 35 and SPF 55 Continuous Mists use a revolutionary ingredidient Polycrylene, that increase water resistance and filters more UVA rays than the average sunscreen to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays during any activity. Even the most water resistant formulas like ours are not time resistant! Always reapply.

Clouds Are Not Protection

One of the most common suncare misconceptions is that if you can’t see the sun, the sun’s rays can’t reach you—not true! Clouds are much more effective at blocking visible light than UV light, in fact in some cases clouds have been observed enhancing UV radiation. Play it safe, especially on hazy days and put your best SPF forward.

Reapply BEFORE It’s Too Late

The best SPF protection in the world is still not time resistant, it is so important to reapply before your last layer’s effectiveness has gone. Every 80 minutes good rule of thumb but everyone’s skin type is different. How much you sweat can affect the longevity of protection, as can sand rubbing against your feet or toweling off after a swim. Most people are active in the sun and it’s up to you to make sure your protection is keeping up!

Umbrellas—Great for Shade, Not so Much for Protection

Beach umbrellas are a favorite method to cool off and give your skin a rest from those direct rays. Sitting under an umbrella doesn’t mean you’re protected from skin damage from the sun. Water and sand reflect UV rays so even when you’re ducked in that shade, without SPF coverage you’re still at risk!

Have Each Other’s Back

Always have a friend help apply lotion or spray to your back. Men are most likely to get melanoma on their backs, and especially when you’re poolside or at the beach, your back is vulnerable to those direct rays. So lend a hand and make sure your friend's back is covered!

Making sure you have the highest quality protection is a top priority of Hampton Sun, we want to keep you covered and safely enjoying the sun all year round!