#traveltuesday with us!

Published by Elizabeth Staron on 31st Jul 2020

Just about 2 hours out of Cancun, we couldn’t wait to get to Tulum and start experiencing all that it had to offer. We checked in to our hotel, which was just a little piece of heaven tucked under large canopies with the most beautiful hammocks and swings lining the beach. After dropping our bags off and getting a taste of some vitamin sea, we grabbed some bikes to check out a few other areas.

We of course stopped of at Matcha Mama for a light snack before enjoying the sunset and then heading to dinner at Hartwood. We booked our reservation about a month in advanced like suggested and enjoyed the most out of this world fresh catch and daily ceviche accompanied by delicious cocktails. Hartwood feels like the true essence of Tulum, a beautiful oasis in the middle of the jungle. Thank you Hartwood for a memorable meal.

The next day we arrived at the ruins close to opening to be able to see Chichen Itza with a few people around it and in all its glory, approximately 1.2 million people visit the ruins of Chichen Itza every year. The sight of El Castillo, this thousand plus year old structure is just breath taking. Measuring almost 80 ft tall, you feel the greatness in its regal stature.

On our last day we traveled to Cenote Crystal, another adventure to book in advance, but well worth it! a bit quitter than most cenotes around, lined with some benches and great places to spread out and just jump in! A cenote, is a natural pit, or sinkhole, that is created by the collapse of limestone bedrock and exposes groundwater underneath. The water is beautifully clear and such an amazing experience. One thing we would like to not is that this is the one time we suggest not to wear sunscreen or bug spray, full of so many beautiful animals and plant life we would want to damage them.

In any of our other adventures, but all means be SPF protected, and as soon as you leave the cenote, make sure you are covered! The Tulum sun is strong and should always aware of your sunscreen applications and be protected.

Until next time!

Hampton Sun xo