Here at Hampton Sun, we take pride in the formulas that we provide you. We work with a world renowned chemist on all of our products so we can deliver the best results for you and your skin using pure and powerful vitamins, antioxidants and ingredients from nature.  

Our chemist is not only familiar with the best and most effective ingredients to use, but chairs the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and participated in a book for the FDA on sunscreens and regulations. 

Hampton Sun is cruelty-free and does not test on animals. Each of our formulas are dermatologist tested, approved, and endorsed. 

Seaweed has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to promote young looking skin. It is also used as a natural exfoliate to rid the skin of dead cells.

Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil effectively replenishes moisture levels within the skin and helps prevent additional water loss.

Aside from it's  commonly known skin-soothing and burn-relief properties, Aloe Vera stimulates the production of elastin fibers, collagen, and hyaluronic acid—all of which are necessary to keep skin firm, supple, and hydrated. Studies have also shown that Aloe Vera may increase the effectiveness of sunscreen products.  

Chamomile helps tone skin and reduces wrinkles, leaving skin feeling soft, silky and beautifully moisturized. With calming and anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile soothes irritation and revitalizes skin.

Emblica Fruit Extract helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and non-radicals.

Pomegranate extract promotes skin regeneration, offers protection against UV radiation, and detoxes the skin.

Derived from the Ginkgo leaf, Ginkgo Biloba protects the skin from free-radical damage and is an anti-inflammatory. It increases circulation and regenerates the skins surface. It is especially beneficial to aging skin because it tightens and strengthens skin cells.

Jojoba Oil mimic's the skin's natural oils, allowing our formulas to absorb instantly and seamlessly into the skin while maintaining your color for longer.

Grape Seed Oil contains proanthocyanidins, which are very potent antioxidants helpful in diminishing the sun’s damaging effects and lessening free-radical or environmental damage.

When Erythrulose (natural fermented red raspberry) is combined with DHA, the resulting sunless tan is said to last longer, fade better, and provide a more cosmetically pleasing color tone.

Orange extract is heavily rich in Vitamin's C and A - this helps even out skin tone, improve texture, and strengthen the skin's outer dermal layer, which leads to increased blood flow and a flood of oxygen to the face for an ultra-healthy, revitalized look.

Sunflower Oil, rich in Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid, helps defend against premature aging, wrinkles, and environmental aggressors, while reinforcing the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Lemon extract revivies the skin, helping to add to it's natural radiance. Being Vitamin C-rich, it also effectively improves skin tone and helps reduce oxidative stress through it's powerful antioxidant properties.

Cucumber extract is used to treat skin inflammation. Research has shown that cucumber extract can help stop the process of skin discoloration.

Peach extract is a complete moisturizing agent known to help skin types prone to dehydration. It aids in achieving a smooth and revitalized complexion.

Similar to Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil mimic's the skin's natural oils, allowing for instant absorption and longer glow maintenance.

Almond Oil promotes even skin tone and a bright, natural looking glow. It also aids in the reversal of sun damage,

Cocoa Seed Butter is extremely rich, helping the skin effectively hold in moisture for longer periods of time. It is also rich in phytochemicals (natural plant compounds) which help slow the skin aging process by offering protection against damaging UV rays. 

Green Tea Oil, derived from the tea plant, is a powerful antioxidant that offers anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Walnut Oil is soothing and moisturizing to the skin. It is also a natural tanning activator which leaves the skin with a rich, healthy, beautiful color.