SPF 70 for Kids 5.0 oz.

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Experience the highest quality of sun protection in a unique, oil-free formula. Hampton Sun's SPF 70 for Kids can even be applied to wet skin so there is no need to towel off or wait for skin to dry off from the ocean or pool before application to feel confident that skin is protected. 

This product offers powerful ingredients  increase the product's water resistance and filters more UVA rays than the average sunscreen to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays. The non-aerosol, eco-friendly 360º dispenser sprays at any angle for complete, even sun coverage without damaging the environment. Without the need for chemical propellants, what is dispensed onto your skin is pure product.The revolutionary formula has advanced ingredients that enhance water resistance and cut through water molecules to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Not just for kids, this sunscreen is perfect for swimmers, athletes or any adult looking for a high level of water-resistant SPF protection. 

This unique formula includes high-grade moisturizing agents that leave skin feeling soft and silky smooth with a hint of light freshness. For a bit of added peace of mind, SPF 70 for Kids features a convenient travel twist cap to help avoid accidental spills and sprays when tossed into a purse, tote, or beach bag.

How to Use:

  • Spray onto hands and then apply product on the face with hand
  • Spray generously to all areas of the body that will be exposed to sun
  • Reapply approximately every 80 minutes, after prolonged sun exposure, swimming or towel drying
We understand the importance of having longer-lasting SPF protection, which is why Hampton Sun has created this product to last up to 80 minutes between reapplications, the longest time advised by the FDA.

Active Ingredients: Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 15%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 10%, 
Inactive Ingredients: Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Alcohol Denat., Butyloctyl Salicylate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Diethylhexyl Syringylidenemalonate, Fragrance, Glycerin



Customer Reviews (3)

Highly recommend this product!

Posted by Dawn Felice on 24th Sep 2015
I bought this product for my nephew who is very fare skin - We have tried many brands but this one was the most effective. He was completely protected without any burn! Other sun brands would have made him break out and burn from the sun. I highly recommend Hampton Sun products!

5 stars!

Amazing. This product is so not sticky and doesn't leave any streaks. The smell is great and the spraying is super controlled and it lasts a long time. Most importantly, it actually protects the skin!


Posted by Lisa on 14th Feb 2014
I have three children and spend a lot of time on the beach and have been looking for a sunscreen company for years that offered a high quality product. I took the chance to purchase the SPF 70 Kids and fell in LOVE. My kids were so happy of the pleasant scent and I was excited to see that they didn't burn. This product is definitely a keeper!! I have turned every one in my kids school on this this amazing product. Love this company!
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