sunburst-with-birds-and-wind-turbines.jpgHampton Sun combines luxurious natural ingredients with the most advanced suncare technology available.

At Hampton Sun, our formulas are what set us apart from any other suncare brand. We work closely with our world-renowned chemist to ensure that our ingredients provide the most effective protection from the sun's harmful rays and are safe for you and your family.

Hampton Sun's products feature both physical sunscreen ingredients, which reflect the sun's rays, and also chemical ingredients that absorb the rays before they are able to cause permanent damage to the skin. By including moisturizing agents along with the sunscreen ingredients, your skin is rehydrated and protected against the early signs of aging.

Also, Hampton Sun is one of the first companies to invest in the usage of Polycrylene, an FDA-approved ingredient proven to absorb more UVA rays and to boost the water resistance of the product (available SPF 35, 55 and 70).

Our dedication to the finding the best techology doesn't stop with our formulas - we also find ways to integrate these ideals into our packaging. Our Continuous Mist collection is created with eco-friendly non-aerosol technology called a BOV (bag on valve) which ensures that what is released onto your skin and into the atmosphere is pure sunscreen, not harmful chemical propellant