The Brand

In 2005, we were lounging beachside in St. Barths. The sky was blue, the sun was hot, the water was a sparkling shade of aquamarine—and the gentleman next to us was speaking loudly on his phone. Unintentionally eavesdropping, we heard him discuss a winter storm approaching Manhattan, which was expected to blanket the city with 12 plus inches of snow. The thought of leaving paradise to return to a foot of snow was simply dreadful. It was then when we asked ourselves: what business could we start that would allow us to follow the sun?

Back in New York City, we returned to our every day lives, and the idea of a new business remained washed up on the shores of St. Barths. The following summer, while lounging poolside at our house in Southampton, the idea was resurrected. Only this time, we didn’t let it fade.

The impetus for our new venture was a basket filled with sunscreen. Not a single one of them looked or felt luxurious, nor did they offer a single benefit beyond protection. The glamour, the beauty, the allure of sunbathing, was missing.  

Thus, Hampton Sun was born, with our standards set extremely high—the finest ingredients, the silkiest formulas, the most advanced technology, the chicest packaging, and the highest protection with skincare benefits. Our inspiration was the beautiful beaches of eastern Long Island and the luxurious, elegant lifestyle that surrounds them. The ubiquitous Hamptons flower—the ever-fragrant Privet Bloom—would be our signature scent.

Our initial offering of high-end sunscreens has since expanded to include skincare, body and fragrance. Editors at top magazines have taken note, calling Hampton Sun the ultimate summertime accessory. And in the words of the New York Times, “Hampton Sun erases the line between sun care and skincare.”

For us, Hampton Sun is more than simply products, but rather a state of mind. From the moment you apply our sunscreen or spray our irresistible fragrance, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to paradise, be it the Hamptons, St. Barths or your own backyard.    

See you on the beach!